TUESDAY PAGE 2 Welcome to New Orleans!

Oct. 3, 2011

The Regional Transit Authority in New Orleans and Veolia Transportation Services Inc. welcome you to Expo 2011 in the Crescent City. The RTA is here to help you experience the history, people, music and food that make New Orleans such a great city!

It is a privilege to serve as your host for this year’s APTA Expo. Take the RTA buses or streetcars to see all the sights.  Just blocks from the Convention Center, you can ride our historic St. Charles Avenue Streetcar and visit the beautiful Garden District. For schedule information visit our new website at www.norta.com.

Since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina six years ago, the RTA has re-built most of the system and made major improvements in our operational performance.  We have a new fleet of biodiesel buses and paratransit vehicles, restored streetcars, track and infrastructure, new routes, new passenger information systems, our new unique branding and much more.  Our efforts and progress have helped revitalize New Orleans and we are very proud of that.  

Given your expertise in our industry, we welcome your feedback on all aspects of our service! The RTA  in New Orleans and Veolia Transportation Services Inc. (which manages and operates the system reporting to the RTA board) are glad you’re here this week and hope you have great time in New Orleans! 

Barbara C. Major – Chairwoman RTA Board of Commissioners
Justin Augustine, III – Vice-President Veolia Transportation Services Inc.