MaxxForce Engine Offers New Clean-Diesel Repower Option for Transit Buses

Oct. 4, 2011

Bus remanufacturing and reconditioning company Complete Coach Works introduced Navistar's MaxxForce 9 engine as its newest clean diesel option for repowered transit buses.

Complete Coach Works Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Macy Neshati said this is an exciting breakthrough for transit agencies that don't need any more complexity or expense for their operations.

"This is advantageous to Complete Coach Works customers, in that repowers using 2010-compliant MaxxForce engines retain the footprint of older diesel engines, which makes for more economical bus refurbishment."

The new diesel option is especially suited to vehicle repowers for public transit authorities committed to improving air quality and reducing environmental problems. The MaxxForce 9 engine meets strict EPA 2010 emissions standards without compromising power or durability for demanding start-stop, heavy-traffic routes.

The MaxxForce 9 provides 300 horepower and 860 pound-feet of torque for demanding transit applications. To meet strict emissions standards, the MaxxForce uses Navistar's advanced in-cylinder NOx-reduction technology, which provides bus fleets with significant operational advantages over liquid-urea SCR emissions after-treatment systems. The advantages include no secondary operating fluid to add, no additional wheelbase length to accommodate additional fluid tanks, no additional driver training and ease of maintenance.

When talking about this new partnership with Navistar Engine Group, a unit of Navistar Inc., Neshati said they are excited to be working together. He said they saw the engine in Memphis and started a conversation to partner CCW's 25 years of retrofitting experience with this newest clean-diesel repower option for transit buses.

Visit Complete Coach Works at booth 1565.