BAE Systems' HybriDrive Propulsion Systems Supports Full Accessory Electrification

Oct. 5, 2011
Technology further enhances the efficiency and performance of transit buses.

BAE Systems, a leading provider and developer of hybrid-electric technologies, launched its HybriDrive series propulsion system for articulated buses.

The HDS 300 system – the latest member of BAE Systems’ HybriDrive family – draws upon the company’s hybrid electric propulsion system technology currently deployed in more than 3,500 transit buses across the globe. The latest version of the system will allow higher capacity buses with gross vehicle weight ratings of up to 63,000 lbs. to experience the fuel economy and environmental benefits provided by the HybriDrive systems.

BAE Systems' HybriDrive propulsion systems now support full electrification of transit bus accessory systems such as air conditioning, engine cooling, power steering and air compression.

Electrified accessories increase system efficiency by reducing energy demands on the engine. Electric accessories offer reduced maintenance and improved safety over their conventional counterparts. The normal jungle of belts and hydraulic lines is removed from the engine compartment, and the air compressor is quieter, more reliable and oil-free. In the unlikely event of a failure, there is no costly oil contamination of the bus air system.

These features can enable a fully electric bus in the future, allowing a bus to be driven further in the city without using a single drop of diesel fuel.

“Transit authorities around the world that incorporate higher capacity articulated buses in their fleet to achieve lower operational costs, now can save even further by incorporating HybriDrive propulsion systems,” said Steve Trichka, general manager of power and energy management for BAE Systems. “Progressive transit authorities recognize the cost savings and environmental advantages of our HybriDrive system and now, with our HDS 300 product for articulated buses, have more options to utilize HybriDrive than ever before.”  

BAE Systems is working with bus manufacturers New Flyer and Nova Bus to make its HDS 300 hybrid-electric propulsion system available to North American bus transit fleets.

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