Avail Provides Customers with Answers Not Just Data

Oct. 4, 2011
Avail's core data engine continuously analyzes system data and proactively reports potential operational issues.

Avail Technologies Inc. is a company dedicated to providing progressive technologies to its customers. As soon as the company wins a job, Avail enters what it refers to as the "Discovery Phase" where a team will work for a full week with the customer, at the customer's job site, to learn how they do their job and what their unique processes are. 

It is by this process that Avail is able to offer personalized information on how its customer can be doing things differently to get the most out of its technology, and allows Avail to custom tailor the ITS for the customer's individual needs.

Avail's core data engine continuously analyzes system data and proactively reports when something operational is about to go wrong versus reactively alerting a user when something has already gone wrong. This allows system users to avoid wasting time analyzing data and responding to avoidable operational impacts to achieve a more efficient operation.

"At Avail, we provide customers with answers, not data," says Dorsey E. Houtz, President and CEO of Avail Technologies Inc. "We've created the system to be role-based, meaning we have researched what data is important to which person depending on their job and responsibilites." 

The company's dedication to the customer and its willingness to integrate its team of professionals into a customer's workplace to gain essential process information stems from Houtz's passion for understanding his customer's unique challenges and maintaining open communciation.

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