Electric Door Actuator Replaces Pneumatic System

Oct. 4, 2011
Vapor Bus International's electric actuator system allows for precision door speed and position with minimal power consumption.

This actuator integrates innovative electrical and mechanical elements to precisely control door speed and position, while minimizing power consumption. The mechanism maintains door panel position without continuous application of electric power, and incorporates a self-resetting emergency release.

Vapor Bus International kept its pneumatic actuator system footprint in mind when creating its fully electric actuator system for heavy transit bus doors. The retrofittable system offers cost and labor savings for door speed adjustments through its Bluetooth capabilities for instant door speed changes. 

The electric system also allows for current sensing both when the door is closing and opening to alert a passenger with an alarm to move away from the door. 

Moving away from pneumatics reduces the air being used from the air compressor, reducing the duty cycle and elongating the compressor's lifespan. It also elminates common water and oil contamination in the air system for reduced system maintenance. 

Based in Buffalo Grove, IL, Vapor Bus International offers complete automatic door systems as well as individual components such as actuators, door controls, door panels, seals, and door accessories. Control options range from simple electro-mechanical devices to high-capability, microprocessor-based systems.

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