Bus Conference Product Showcase

May 24, 2011

Safety and Comfort on a Commuter Coach

Motor Coach Industries

Exceeding top standards for reliability, comfort and durability, the Commuter Coach is Buy America compliant, Altoona tested and available in clean-diesel, hybrid or CNG configurations. Advances include a fourth generation multiplex system that furthers simplified diagnostics along with a reconfigured driver dash with rocker switches and gauges illuminated by LEDs for easy interfacing. Standard features such as electronic stability control (n/a on the hybrid model), a SmartWave tire pressure monitoring system and Amerex fire suppression enhance safety.

Options include three-point passenger seatbelts and a wheelchair lift with up to two wheelchair positions. Other increasingly popular options are digital wireless Wi-Fi and 110-volt outlets that allow riders to use their laptops and digital devices to stay connected and productive. Sleek and curvy, the commuter coach, based on the all-time best-selling D-Series models, is available in 45- or 40-foot lengths and offers solid stainless-steel construction along with easy maintenance.

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High Performance with Competitive Life Cycle Cost

Nova Bus

All Nova LFS transit buses – clean-diesel, hybrid-electric and articulated – are built on a common, reliable and time-tested platform, to combine high performance with a competitive life cycle cost. The driveline set-up and weight of Nova Bus vehicles are optimized to provide high fuel efficiency; the Nova LFS is one of the lightest city buses available on the market.

Lateral, interior and central maintenance access doors allow easy access to main components, including the cradle-mounted engine and transmission, thus reducing maintenance time. The integrated electric engine cooling system provides significant fuel economy and is far quieter than a traditional hydraulic system. The multiplex system, onboard diagnostics and sensors facilitate maintenance planning and troubleshooting. Outside panels, which may be subject to frequent road incidents, can be replaced in less than 30 minutes for minimal downtime. The heavy-duty composite flooring is lightweight; in addition to contributing to fuel economy, it does not rot, mildew or absorb water. The stainless steel structure is corrosion - and fatigue-resistant. The hybrid drive provides proven fuel savings ranging between 30 and 40 percent.

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GIRO’s Minbus algorithm delivers proven solutions for reducing operating costs and improving bus operations. This advanced optimizer helps ensure the most efficient bus schedules and helps reduce the number of vehicles required to service the entire network. Available as an option with the HASTUS software scheduling suite, Minbus improves the blocking process by considering extra constraints and preferences and offering more optimization capabilities than any other solution in its class. Transit agencies around the world, including Portland’s TriMet, currently use Minbus to determine cost-effective layover parking locations, optimize vehicle assignments and interlining solutions, explore opportunities to minimize layovers and deadhead, and successfully reduce overall operating costs. HASTUS integrates flexible tools and powerful algorithms for planning, crew and vehicle scheduling, daily operations, passenger information, and analysis.

In May 2010, GIRO received an Innovation Award from the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) for its BidWeb module, which automates roster-position selection and vacation selection through Web-based preference submission. Features include:

  • Define and implement block characteristics that reduce crew costs
  • Efficiently assign blocks to garages in a multi-depot environment
  • Interlining with complex constraints to increase vehicle schedule efficiency
  • Trip shifting to optimize peak vehicle demand

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InSight, Vision and Premier Passenger Seating Features Award-Winning Design

American Seating Co.

On display are InSight, Vision and Premier passenger seating offerings and mobility aid securement products, as well as the company’s interactive Web-based vehicle interior configurator program to help you design inviting interiors and streamline the decision-making process. The products on display have been recognized for achievements in design, functionality and engineering excellence.

  •  InSight received the International Forum product design award and the Red Dot design award. The product offering features the largest personal sitting area, a modular design and contemporary styling with an expanded color palette and new styling options for 2011, which include a fully upholstered back panel.
  •  The Vision product received the Good Design award in the Transportation category, one of the oldest and most recognized programs for design excellence worldwide. The Vision offering features unsurpassed vandal resistance and significant advances in seating comfort, performance and elegance in the next-generation stainless offering.
  •  Premier, a motorcoach passenger seating offering developed in partnership with IMMI, features three-point seat belts and SafeGuard SmartFrame technology. It provides the highest level of safety for both belted and unbelted passengers and is proven to deliver full compartmentalization protection to unbelted passengers within motorcoaches. Premier received the prestigious SAE International Henry Ford II Distinguished Award for Excellence in Automotive Engineering.

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Fire Detection & Suppression and Gas Detection for the Transit Bus Industry

Kidde Aerospace & Defense

For more than 90 years Kidde Aerospace & Defense has kept its eye on only one thing - providing the very best fire protection for the transit industry. When you fly, chances are that aircraft is protected by Kidde, which pioneered fire protection for the aircraft industry. If you or someone you know is in the military, they too are most likely protected by a Kidde detection and suppression system because more governments trust Kidde above all other manufactures to protect their equipment and soldiers. On the bus, train or trolley you are probably riding alongside a Kidde system because they are known as the leader in reliable detection and suppression systems.

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Self Diagnostic, 100 Percent SMT LED Destination Sign System

Luminator, An LTG Company

Continuing with its goal of providing the best product to the industry, Luminator has improved the Horizon Sign System. Today the system is designed using highly reliable and easy-to-read surface-mount LEDs. The Horizon SMT System maintains all the advantages of the previous design with improved, brighter readability when viewed at an angle. The new design allows for a low-profile side sign mount, improving head clearance. The overall system weight savings is 20 percent. Additionally, the availability of white LED as an option has been added to the product line.

A more important improvement has been the additional functionality that has been added to the sign system. Luminator has added system monitoring to the design, providing the ability to report system incidents via our ODK4 System Controller. System messages can be shown on the ODK4 that will advise the operator of maintenance issues which can be communicated to the bus operations for immediate attention. Maintenance personnel can view system notifications or retrieve error log files via the USB connection or optionally through a wireless transfer. The self-monitoring system reports information on system communication issues. Additionally the self monitoring system reports sign level communication, photo sensor or display board issues to the ODK4.

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Next Generation Ricon S-Series and K-Series Wheelchair Lifts

Ricon Corp.

Next generation Ricon S-Series and K-Series wheelchair lifts feature the security of the Ricon Safety Zone and advanced engineering that delivers the most reliable, low-maintenance performance for all transportation vehicles. In addition to the non-intrusive, space-efficient footprint and a full three-year warranty, innovations include a reinforced heavy-duty platform, versatile water-resistant control pendant and a 1,000-pound load capacity option. The Ricon Safety Zone includes a patented fully interlocked occupant restraint belt system, automatic outboard and inboard rollstop barriers, steel side rail barriers and standee handrails to secure passengers during lift operation. Patented Sto-Loc technology ensures a quieter ride and prevents lift drift. The threshold warning system (TWS) features a low profile 360-degree warning beacon and an audible alarm.

Low-maintenance features include quick-release pump cover, easy-to-reach flow control valves, lubrication-free metal-backed PTFE bearings and hardened steel pins. Ricon lifts comply with all applicable ADA and FMVSS regulations.

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Mobile Surveillance Solutions

Seon Design Inc.

Mobile surveillance provider Seon Design Inc. offers the ultimate mobile surveillance solution for bus and coach fleets, regardless of fleet size or location (including multiple locations). Seon’s integrated approach increases operational efficiency, streamlines security systems management, controls expense and reduces administrative overhead. Seon’s premier end-to-end solution includes the next generation of the company’s enterprise fleet management software (vMax Commander), the most powerful DVR in the industry (Explorer DX12), and video and recorded data management software (vMax View).

Seon’s vMax Commander allows transportation administrators to manage the video and recorded data from entire fleets, large or small. This scalable software system simplifies and automates regular tasks. In conjunction with Seon’s Smart-Reach wireless solution, vMax Commander eliminates the need to manually retrieve hard drives. Use one convenient software interface to monitor vehicles, automatically download alarmed events, receive system health reports and configure DVRs, all from the convenience of a central office location. vMax Commander is fully compatible with Seon’s current DVR family.

Seon also offers the compact 12-channel Explorer DX12. The DX12 delivers superior image quality with the highest resolution and frame-rate available, along with the most efficient video storage technology (H.264). Dual hard drives provide double the storage capacity of conventional DVRs and offer a fail-safe hard drive configuration. The DX12 also records two information streams, one for wireless live-viewing, and one for high resolution playback. Other features include incident alerts, geo-fencing and system health reporting, a built in G-sensor, optional power back-up and a power battery controller.

Use vMax Web to securely access information from the DX12 on any computer configured for access. Seon’s total solution also includes vMax View, which allows transportation administrators to retrieve key details about onboard incidents using video synchronized with mapping software. Search by video clip, alarm or date and time. It utilizes standard JPEG and AVI formats, as well as an encrypted video archive format, which secures the chain of evidence. Save on maintenance and fuel by ensuring drivers maintain good driving practices, minimize idling and stay on designated routes.

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Easily Monitor and Track Your Metrics

TransTrack Systems

The TransTrack Performance Manager includes National Transit Database (NTD) formatted reports and tracks almost all performance metrics, including organization, routes, farebox, operations, safety, fleet, finance, plan, personnel, feedback, support and utilities. Performance Manager eas­ily monitors numerous performance metrics, including by system, mode or route and can compare stats to the same period the previous year or even look at three-year trends. Features include:

  • Executive Dashboard easily allows daily monitoring of key metrics
  • Tracks all performance metrics
  • Prints all NTD required performance reports at end of fis­cal year in proper format

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Door Panel Maximizes Glass Area

Vapor Bus International

Vapor’s Ameriview door panel provides up to 25 percent more glass area and uses aircraft-quality aluminum throughout for light weight and required rigidity. New “Quik-Change” glazing system requires no fasteners and permits easy, quick replacement of glass. Mechanically fastened components provide strength and allow for sleek, unobstructed see-through. Contemporary, low-profile passenger assist handles help maximize clear opening width. The panels satisfy industry standard deflection requirements and FMVSS standards.

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Evolution Operators Seat


Designed with customer perspective and scientific evidence, the Evolution is a benchmark in operator seats for heavy-duty buses. The Evolution’s “Y-Belt,” a three-point seat belt, gives the driver room to maneuver without interfering with operating functions. Built to exceed the White Book standards, USSC’s seat standard features include:

  • Full bottom cushion air tilt
  • Three-position lumbar
  • Four-way adjustable head rest
  • 650-pound lift capacity
  • Single side seat controls

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Fogmaker North America LLC

  • Fogmaker is a patented fire suppression system that uses water mist as an alternative to the existing dry powder and chemical systems. Fogmaker was designed in 1995 and has been used on transit buses and other applications for the last 15 years. There are currently more than 33,000 buses that have Fogmaker installed as their fire suppression system.
  • The Fogmaker system is "water-based" not powered chemical and suppression the fire almost immediately.
  • Fogmaker does not have the environmental, clean-up or corrosion issues associated with the current chemical systems used today.
  • A high-pressure mist is deployed in seconds by a nitrogen charged accumulator and eliminates the heat, oxygen and fuel combustion in the engine compartment when a fire is detected.
  • Fogmaker can drop the temperature from 1,600F to under 200F in just a few seconds, which keeps much of the wiring, plastic, fiberglass and other components from melting or being made inoperable.
  • The system requires no power and will work even if the vehicle has overturned.

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Simplified Securement


The Q’Pod is a fully integrated forward-facing wheelchair securement station specifically designed and tested for transit wheelchair passenger transportation. Manufactured by 4One and designed by Q'Straint, it features:

  • A patent pending 3-Point system — An industry first that eliminates aisle side tripping hazards and unnecessary equipment, reducing potential tripping accidents.
  • Bumper Guard — Acts as the fourth wheelchair contact point to reduce potential wheelchair tip-over.
  • Integrated Shoulder Belt — Provides ideal shoulder belt location, and eliminates the need for window brackets.
  • Integrated Wheelchair Securement — Rear self-tensioning wheelchair restraints and lap belts are fully enclosed. In addition to reducing tripping hazards and potential for vandalism to restraints, they are pre-positioned for proper securement angles of wheelchairs.
  • XPress Delay — Our proven electrical delay system that enable drivers to unlock the rear restraints for 15 seconds — enabling quicker wheelchair securement and better positioning. This remote release minimizes bending by driver/operators, reducing back injuries and improving securement.
  • Slim-Profile flip seat — Q′POD features the Aries, CitiPro, Angel and Mariella with more to come. Q′POD features the seating and fabric options you′ve come to expect from 4ONE Seating.
  • Universal Design — Q′POD secures virtually all styles of wheelchairs, including scooter. Its simplified operation allows for quicker securement times and reduced vehicle dwell time.

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