New Products

Sept. 1, 2010

4One LLC


Designed by Q’Straint and manufactured by 4One, the Q’Pod is a fully integrated forward-facing wheelchair securement station for transit wheelchair passenger transportation. The Q’Pod features a unique three-point system, bumper card, integrated shoulder belt, integrated wheelchair securement, Xpress Delay, a slim-profile flip seat and simplified operation, allowing for quicker securement times and reduced vehicle dwell time.

BAE Systems

HybriDrive Technology

BAE Systems HybriDrive technology powers more than 2,700 buses in cities across North America and Europe. To date these vehicles have transported more than a billion passengers, accumulated more than 150 million miles, saved more than 10 million gallons of diesel fuel and prevented more than 100,000 tons of carbon emissions. The technology combines power sources, high-efficiency electric drives and electric accessories.

BRC Coach & Transit

One-Stop Shop

BRC Coach & Transit provides bus collision repair and refurbishment, mechanical services, frame straightening, interior repair, graphics and signage, refinishing, fire restoration, electronic rebuild, towing and transportation, and storage services. With 30 years of experience, BRC offers more than 100,000 square feet of facilities in Calgary, Alberta and Las Vegas, Nev., and has three 60-foot frame paint booths and a 175-ton frame straightening machine.


Revenue Management/Payment Processing Systems

Cubic gives customer choices in how to migrate from closed to open payment systems that comply with banking, contactless card, communications and transit industry standards. Enabling mobile payment and bank card acceptance at the point of fare payment is one way to achieve greater convenience and service for customers. Cubic will demonstrate its technology expansion in this area, as well as highlight the services it provides to enable transit operators to improve the efficiency of agency’s revenue management system and focus on their core business of transit services.

Fogmaker North America LLC


A patented fire suppression system that uses water mist as an alternative to the existing dry powder and chemical systems, Fogmaker has been used on transit buses and other applications for the last 15 years. A high-pressure mist is deployed in seconds by a nitrogen-charged accumulator and eliminates the heat, oxygen and fuel combustion in the engine compartment when a fire is detected. It can drop the temperature from 1,600 F to under 200 F in just a few seconds, keeping much of the wiring, plastic, fiberglass and other components from melting or being made inoperable.



HASTUS is the software solution designed to optimize public transportation. With its modular design, it integrates tools for planning and scheduling, operations, passenger information and analysis. GIRO will be showcasing the Web-based modules BidWeb and SelfService. BidWeb adds flexibility to the bid process for roster assignment and vacation selection by allowing employees to view availabilities and submit preferences via the Web. The SelfService module improves access to information by allowing operators to view their work assignments and various reports online, submit absence requests and overtime preferences, and view and acknowledge receipt of messages.

INIT Innovations in Transportation Inc.


MOBILEdash, INIT’s new iPhone app, provides concise statistical fleet status data at the touch of a finger. MOBILEdash runs within the phone’s Web browser providing daily operational reports on fleet performance, using a traffic light metaphor. MOBILEdash integrates with the phone’s communications capabilities, e.g. mail, text messages and calls, and provides context-sensitive delegation. This means that the specific person to contact is predefined based on the key performance indicator you are looking at. With MOBILEdash, statistical information is extracted from a database backend. The exported data is put on the company’s Intra- or Internet. No intermediate provider or app store is required.

Lift-U, a Division of Hogan Mfg. Inc.

LU11 “Fold Out Plus” 1:6 Ramp

The LU11 is manufactured from stainless steel for corrosion resistance. It is designed using materials that provide high structural rigidity to prevent “oil canning” or “permanent deformation” of the ramp surface. The ramp design load is 950 pounds and the current ADA regulations require only a 600-pound rating. Electrically powered, no hydraulics are required. It comes with a standard two-year warranty for parts and labor.


Commuter Coach, Clean-Diesel or Hybrid

The MCI Commuter Coach model features forward-facing seats and is the only intercity coach that is Buy America compliant and has completed Altoona testing for both its clean-diesel and diesel-electric hybrid model lineup. For 2011, the model offers electronic stability control, Amerex fire suppression and traction control, as well as the SmartWave tire-pressure monitoring system. Operators can invest in reserve sensing, GPS, video surveillance systems and three-point seatbelts. Options gaining in popularity include Wi-Fi and 110-volt outlets. The model is available in 45- and 40-foot lengths.


On the Move Mobility/ADA Assessments and Travel Training

The assessment and travel training program was created to assist communities, school districts and other special needs populations in determining eligibility for transportation services. The program provides in-person ADA, special needs and general mobility assessments that focus on functional and cognitive abilities. MTM’s staff of registered nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists evaluates individuals’ needs, eligibility and where appropriate, provides travel training as a result of the assessment.

Nova Bus

Nova LFS Product Line

All Nova LFS buses combine high performance with a competitive life-cycle cost. The multiplex system, onboard diagnostic system and sensors facilitate maintenance planning and troubleshooting. The stainless-steel construction is durable and corrosion-resistant. The heavy-duty composite flooring is lightweight, contributes to fuel economy, and will not deteriorate over the entire life cycle of the bus. The spacious engine compartment is designed to enhance accessibility and facilitate maintenance.

RSM Services

Ridecheck Plus

Ridecheck Plus ridership reporting software processes data from automatic passenger counters. In addition to APC, it supports data collection by checkers with paper, handhelds, laptops and tablets. It analyzes ridership with user-defined filters; supports Access, Oracle and SQL Server databases; integrates with Hastus, Trapeze and other systems for scheduling information; does NTD reporting of boardings and passenger miles; cleans raw APC data, computes average trips, and provides key operation measures tuned for performance; and it supports APCs by Clever Devices, INIT, ACS, Trapeze ITS and Dilax. ?


Saft Nickel Cadmium Batteries

Saft Nickel Cadmium Batteries for rail car, bus, locomotive and electric vehicle applications feature long life, high reliability and are low maintenance. They are available in both steel and plastic containers (see-through plastic for North America). Service is proven worldwide, timely deliveries are offered and they meet the Buy-American Act.

Sheffield Plastics, a Bayer MaterialScience LLC Business

Makrolon TG and Bayblend MTR Sheet Products

Markrolon TG and Bayblend MTR polycarbonate sheet products meet 49 CFR, Part 238, Appendix B, and can be used to manufacture rail components, such as glazing, seating, wall masks, window reveals and ceiling panels. The Babylend MTR family of products also complies with the stringent criteria for low-flame, smoke and toxicity, including the two leading toxic gas generation standards recognized by the rail industry.


Evolution Operators Seat

Designed with customer perspective and scientific evidence, the Evolution is a benchmark in operator seats for heavy-duty buses. Its Y-Belt, a three-point seatbelt, gives the driver room to maneuver without interfering with operator functions. Features include: full bottom cushion air tilt, three-position lumbar, four-way adjustable headrest and “Easy Slide” release system.


Nextiva Op-Center for Transportation

Nextiva Op-Center is an enterprise DVR management solution that allows organizations to monitor, manage and troubleshoot Verint-networked DVRs from a central location. Ideal for use in public transportation, Op-Center reduces the cost and complexity of video system management across geographically dispersed locations and mobile operations. Op-Center simplifies video system administration and enables a more proactive, efficient approach to system availability and maintenance.