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CASE STUDY: How PRTC Secured Their CAD/ AVL System in the Cloud

June 14, 2024

Potomac & Rappahannock Transportation Commission (PRTC) needed an upgrade for their CAD/AVL system and recognized the value of migrating their infrastructure into the Cloud. “The main driver was I wanted to get off of on premise servers” and “it was time to get OnRoute to the Cloud,” said Carl Roeser, Manager of Information Technology. “Along with that, we were in desperate need of an upgrade so it seemed like the natural thing to do: move to the cloud and throw an upgrade on top of it.”

Before the upgrade and cloud migration, PRTC faced issuess getting the buses to download files. According to Joy Walker, Transport Planner, “they had to be in the yard and they have to be close to the antenna and if one was off-site, it didnʼt get the files until it was brought back to the yard.”

“Now one of the greatest things is that we can drop files on buses wherever they are: they could be on route or at a shop down in Florida. As soon as it hooks up to the internet, it gets the files.”

Read the full case study to understand the PRTC challenges, the solutions they adopted, and the results so far!

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