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How Data can Unlock an Efficient, Safe and Sustainable Passenger Experience

Dec. 6, 2021
As transit operators face significant change, new digital technologies and solutions enable transportation providers to improve the passenger experience by addressing challenges related to COVID-19, growing consumer expectations, and the societal shift toward sustainable travel. Providing an optimal, secure, and enhanced passenger experience can ensure long-term success for transit providers. The proper utilization of data can address passenger and operational concerns, while creating a memorable experience for customers seeking additional value beyond moving from destination to destination. Digital solutions can unlock the value of data, which transit authorities and municipalities can collect from their vehicles, operations, and passengers. The proper use of advanced analytics can ensure efficient, multi-modal transportation, allowing passengers various options to get to their destination, even informing them of their environmental impacts and cost savings, resulting in truly “frictionless” passenger travel. Download Hitachi’s whitepaper to learn which technologies enable an enhanced passenger experience, how to implement them and much more!