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Bridging the Gap

June 27, 2019
Many procurement teams are facing a gap in capacity on their team, but strategies exist to mitigate talent challenges.

For many transportation procurement teams, it can be a challenge to find experienced procurement staff who understand the in’s and out’s of compliance. Meanwhile existing staff members are pushed to their productivity limits, increasing the rates of burnout and turnover.

As a result, many procurement teams are facing a gap in capacity on their team. It’s difficult to manage the complexity of transportation procurement with limited resources, but it’s just as difficult to find and retain the right people. 

This whitepaper will dive deeper into several strategies that procurement teams are using to mitigate talent challenges on their team, including talent recruiting, temporary staffers, cooperative buying, and technology. This whitepaper also includes a case study of how one transportation agency leveraged an eSourcing tool to realize operational efficiencies that allowed their overstretched team do more with less, extending their capacity and enhancing the consistency and transparency of their process.