A Look at the CTA Heritage Bus 8499

Aug. 10, 2018
The Chicago Transit Authority's Heritage Fleet Program is designed to preserve and celebrate its history.

The Chicago Transit Authority's Heritage Fleet Program is designed to preserve and celebrate its history. The program was created to ensure that the vintage buses, rail cars and other equipment are preserved and maintained so they can be remembered and enjoyed through charters and events held for the public.

This program, established in 2016, is modeled after similar programs at other transit agencies and will establish guidelines and protocols for future preservation, maintenance and repair efforts for the current Heritage Fleet and those vehicles which may join it in the future.

Funding for the program comes from revenue generated by CTAgifts.com (our online gift shop) and private charters. Repair and upkeep of the vehicles is provided through the generous volunteer work of CTA employees, retirees, and industry experts.