Griffin Chemical Co. announces cleaning supplies in stock

March 30, 2020
The cleaning and degreasing products can be used in a variety of applications.

Griffin Chemical Co., LLC, a W.O.W! Brand Products Division, says it has a stock of hand sanitizer liquid and wipes, and exterior and interior cleaning and degreasing products in pails, drums and totes, as well as graffiti removal items. Transit & Paratrans Bus , Subway Car, and LRV Exterior, Interior, Undersides, Rear End, Engine and Undercarriage Cleaning, Degreasing Products in pails, drums & totes, as well as Graffiti removal items available to purchase.

Cleaning and degreasing products can be used on the interior and exterior of transit and paratransit buses, subway cars, light-rail vehicles, undersides, rear end, engine and undercarriage cleaning. 

One product is the Green Stuff™ “Mini” Indoor/Outdoor Degreasing Cleaner with the Exclusive “Dial Diluter”™ 

 The Green Stuff Mini is a degreasing cleaner concentrate from W.O.W! Brand Products. The Green Stuff Mini was designed as a concentrated degreasing cleaner for commercial, institutional, human oil and carbon-based derived soils at six different dilutions. Each dilution mixes with on board water right inside the spray head.

The Green Stuff Mini has 25 different cleaning product applications via the six different dilutions.

Dial Setting Applications:

  •  0: Windows, glass, plexiglas, mirrors, lexan, stainless steel
  •  1: Tables, counters, floors, white/chalk boards, spot floor cleaning, ceramic tile
  •  2: Kitchen surfaces, bathroom sinks, showers, floors, tub/shower enclosures, toilets
  •  3: Vehicle interiors, major appliance surfaces, microwave interiors
  •  4: Laundry/dish pre-spray, carpet/upholstery spotter
  •  5: Tub/shower scum remover, boats, RV, PWC, BBQ’s, pool/spa

The Green Stuff Mini delivers up to 30, 24 oz bottles of equivalent cleaners and degreasers. Once the concentrate and water bottles are locked into place inside the spray head, turn the dial to the number referenced on application chart desired for the cleaning purpose. When water runs out, simply replace/refill with specially treated W.O.W! water, or refill with tap water. When concentrate runs empty, replace with fresh full unit and return empty unit to point of purchase for rebate on new replacement unit.