Karsan enters strategic partnership for North America market

Jan. 26, 2022
Karsan’s new authorized distributor in Canada, Damera Corporation, will sell Karsan products and provide after-sales services.

Karsan partnered with Damera Corp., a bus supplier and maintenance services provider in Canada, to advance its presence in the North America market.  

With the agreement, Damera Bus Sales Canada Corporation, a subsidiary of Mississauga Bus Group of Companies, started to sell Karsan products and provide after-sales services with its widespread network as Karsan’s authorized distributor in Canada. 

“We continue our global partnerships in North America with Canada in line with our corporate strategy. In this context, we signed a distributorship agreement with Damera. Right on the back of it, in August, we delivered our e-JEST buses, which we had showcased at ACT, the leading transportation technologies fair in the USA, to Damera,” said Karsan CEO Okan Baş. “e-JEST is currently touring North America drawing great interest from potential customers. We also delivered our Autonomous e-ATAK bus, another member of our electric product family, to Michigan State University in the US to serve in its campus. Autonomous e-ATAK is expected to work as a full-time shuttle service carrying students, lecturers and other staff to and from the campus.” 

Karsan says it is in good hands in Canada with Damera 

Damera, one of the leading choices of cities with an environmental vision that pay attention to carbon emissions, operates nation-wide with its experience and extensive knowledge in the bus and public transportation industry. Karsan says Damera, which has a team of experts in sales, also stands out with its after-sales services thanks to its central facility with a state-of-the-art paint booth where detailed maintenance and repair work are carried out, as well as its spare parts network.