SamTrans to use $15 million in state funding to support zero-emission bus purchase

June 21, 2024
SamTrans will utilize this funding to purchase 108 new zero-emission buses to add to its fleet.

A $15 million allocation has been made by the California Transportation Commission (CTC) through the Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program (TIRCP) funding to San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans). The TIRCP funds are managed and awarded by the California State Transportation Agency.

The funding will help SamTrans buy 108 new zero-emission buses (ZEBs) to replace its aging fleet of diesel vehicles. The goal at SamTrans is to have its entire diesel fleet replaced with ZEBs by 2034. 

The California Air Resources Board set a statewide goal for public transit agencies in California to hit 100 percent ZEB fleets by 2040. The TIRCP grant award allows SamTrans to take one step closer to meeting that goal. 

SamTrans has started on its zero-emission journey. The agency currently has 17 battery-electric buses in operation and is preparing to roll out 20 more around the end of this year. The agency also has 10 hydrogen fuel cell electric buses that will be added to the fleet in the coming months. 

“Our zero-emission fleet demonstrates SamTrans’ commitment towards reducing the impact of transportation on air quality and our climate by reducing greenhouse gases in our communities," said SamTrans Deputy Chief of Bus Fleet Liria Larano. "This funding is critical to support our mission to provide safe, equitable and sustainable transportation for our riders." 

The $15 million headed to SamTrans is part of a much larger $1.9 billion group of funds that was recently allocated by CTC for transportation infrastructure projects throughout the state.