Phoenix Motor delivers electric shuttle bus to city of Grand Terrace

Feb. 16, 2024
Phoenix Motor's delivery of an all-electric, zero-emission Z400 shuttle bus will help the city of Grand Terrace, Calif., provide cleaner and more efficient transportation to the community.

The city of Grand Terrace, Calif., has recieved a delivery of an all-electric, zero-emission Z400 shuttle bus from Phoenix Motor Inc. The electric service truck is built on a Ford E-450 chassis powered by Phoenix Motorcars and will serve as a transportation option for the community.

The electric vehicle was funded in part by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District's Volkswagen (VW) Program aimed at helping mitigate pollution by scrapping older gas and diesel shuttle buses throughout California.

The Phoenix Motorcars Z400 shuttle bus is equipped with a 105-kWh battery pack, offering up to 115-mile range and can be fully charged in two to three hours with a 50-kW Level III charger. The Z400 shuttle can reduce atmospheric emissions by about 61 tons per vehicle annually, reduce maintenance costs by 75 percent and fuel costs by 80 percent.

"Phoenix is excited to bring the first zero-emission shuttle bus to Grand Terrace," said Thomas Allen, vice president of sales and marketing for Phoenix Motorcars. "Having grown up in Grand Terrace, I am very proud to be helping my hometown reduce air pollution and am thrilled to have helped the city of Grand Terrace qualify for the funding to make it possible. Zero-emission transportation and mobility is a key factor in creating a sustainable future and it's our privilege to help reduce emissions and clean the air quality in the Blue Mountain City. Our Phoenix Z400 all-electric shuttle bus offers a lower total cost of ownership for the city as well, further justifying the city's commitment to switch to zero-emission transportation."

"We are excited to help yet another California city go green with our zero-emission technology. EV shuttle adoption is paramount to hitting California's climate action goals and Phoenix is proud to be the most experienced medium duty shuttle provider in the Golden State," said Denton Peng, CEO of Phoenix Motorcars.

The city of Grand Terrace has also announced the acquisition of a new all-electric bus, made possible through funding from the VW Environmental Mitigation Trust.