GILLIG introduces six BEBs to PSTA

Jan. 5, 2024
PSTA is expected to receive 62 GILLIG BEBs by 2027, as the agency commits to creating a more sustainable, equitable and environmentally friendly public transportation system for Pinellas County. 

GILLIG has introduced the first six of 62 GILLIG battery-electric buses (BEBs) to Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA).  The buses mark a meaningful milestone in PSTA's dedicated journey toward creating a more sustainable, equitable, and environmentally friendly public transportation system for Pinellas County. PSTA signed a five-year contract with GILLIG for the 62 BEBs in 2022.  

"For over three decades, our collaboration with GILLIG has been instrumental in offering safe, reliable and now zero-emissions sustainable transit options to our community. With the launch of GILLIG's battery-electric buses, we're taking a major step in our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship. These buses represent a key move towards an even more sustainable and equitable future for PSTA, and we are excited to start the new year with these new zero-emission buses,” said Brad Miller, CEO of PSTA.  

The first wave of buses and the additional 56 to be built and delivered during the next four years will replace older diesel-fueled models that are aging out of the PSTA fleet. PSTA estimates they will save approximately 11 million gallons of diesel fuel over the lifetime of the buses by replacing them with BEBs, significantly reducing emissions and improving air quality throughout Pinellas County.   

With PSTA already operating 88 GILLIG hybrid buses in Florida's largest fleet of hybrids, the agency says adding GILLIG BEBs is a natural progression in its ongoing efforts to foster sustainable public transportation in Pinellas County. Built on GILLIG's same proven Low-Floor platform as the GILLIG hybrids, the new buses will seamlessly integrate into PSTA's existing fleet.  

The new 40-foot buses are solely powered by ultra-high-capacity batteries, boasting a substantial 686 kWh of onboard energy storage for extended range on a single charge. The new BEBs will provide reliable, quiet and zero-emission service for PSTA's daily operations. PSTA's investment also includes 15 ChargePoint chargers, purchased through GILLIG's Charging Solutions team.