TTC contracts New Flyer for 186 Xcelsior CHARGE NG™ heavy-duty transit buses

June 7, 2023
The five-year contract with New Flyer for 186 electric transit buses will help TTC reach its goal of zero emissions by 2040.

A new five-year contract has been awarded to NFI Group Inc. (NFI) subsidiary, New Flyer Industries Canada ULC (New Flyer) from the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) for 40-foot battery-electric buses. The total contract includes a firm order for 186 Xcelsior CHARGE NG™ heavy-duty transit buses, as well as the option for TTC to purchase up to an additional 435 of the same buses, for a total potential order of 621 buses over the duration of the contract.

NFI added 261 buses to the company’s backlog in the first quarter of 2023 based on TTC’s initial base firm and option order. In total, TTC awarded New Flyer 60 percent of the initial procurement. The contract also includes options for other agencies in Ontario to enter into their own agreements with New Flyer for up to 550 buses over four years. This provides additional future order opportunities for New Flyer, as these buses may be added to NFI’s backlog if an agency executes a contract using those options.

These next-generation battery-electric buses will help TTC meet its goal of converting its entire fleet to zero emissions by 2040, as outlined in the TTC Green Bus Technology Plan. As part of that plan, TTC previously purchased 25 New Flyer battery-electric buses that were used in a head-to-head pilot project comparing electric vehicles from several manufacturers. The order builds on a 2022 TTC firm award to NFI for 134 Xcelsior 40-foot hybrid-electric heavy-duty transit buses and 68 Xcelsior 60-foot hybrid-electric buses (136 equivalent units) for a total of 270 equivalent units. That four-year contract includes options for up to an additional 263 40-foot hybrid-electric buses and 100 60-foot buses, respectively.

“Building on our partnership with TTC spanning over half a century, this new order supports the TTC’s efforts towards net zero goals for a healthier and more sustainable future,” said Chris Stoddart, president, NFI. “We are proud of the performance from the active in-service trial and are excited to add to the New Flyer fleet at TTC. The ability for TTC to have fleet commonality across New Flyer Xcelsior bus platforms with different propulsion systems speaks to our design and supportability.”

Built on New Flyer’s proven Xcelsior platform, the Xcelsior CHARGE NG bus incorporates three distinct technology advancements, including high-energy batteries, advanced protective battery packaging for easy install and simpler serviceability and a new lightweight electric traction drive system with up to 90 percent energy recovery.