ElDorado National California will supply Foothill Transit with hydrogen fuel cell buses

May 31, 2023
The new Axess EVO-FC hydrogen fuel cell buses will contribute to Foothill Transit’s ongoing commitment to operating a 100 percent zero-emissions bus fleet.

ElDorado National California (ENC), a REV Group Inc. subsidiary, secured an order for 19 Axess EVO-FC hydrogen fuel cell buses from California public transit provider, Foothill Transit.

Foothill Transit currently operates a fleet of 359 buses, which includes zero-emission models, and serves Southern California’s San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys, including Pasadena and downtown Los Angeles. The new Axess EVO-FC buses will contribute to Foothill’s ongoing commitment to operating a 100% zero-emissions bus fleet.

Powered by the industry’s highest capacity fuel cell and BAE Systems® Gen3 electric propulsion system, the Axess EVO-FC delivers a range of up to 400 miles, refuels in 12-20 minutes and the only emission is water. ENC became the first bus manufacturer to complete the 12-year/500,000 miles FTA Altoona test for a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric powered bus in 2018.

“The Axess EVO-FC is the perfect addition to Foothill Transit’s zero-emissions fleet,” said Mike Ammann, vice president of sales, ENC. “ENC continues to lead the industry in next-generation alternative fuel buses that help transit authorities across the country operate in a more sustainable way.”