Long Beach Transit to have ChargePilot managing electric bus fleet

April 10, 2023
ChargePilot, New Flyer Group and Heliox Energy’s collaboration represents a step towards Long Beach Transit’s goal to have a 100 percent zero emissions fleet by 2030.

Long Beach Transit (LBT) will use ChargePilot as a charge management system provided by The Mobility House to operate its latest deployment of electric buses. New Flyer Group (NFI) will provide 20 battery electric buses, along with Heliox Energy as the electric vehicle supply equipment provider.

This is the 13th major transit bus charging depot deployment of ChargePilot in North America and the fourth commissioned transit bus charging collaboration between TMH, NFI and Heliox, following Knoxville Area Transit, Rochester Public Transit and Antelope Valley Transit Authority.

The charging installation includes 10 dual-port Heliox Flex 180 kW DC fast chargers to support the 20 New Flyer buses and represents a step towards LBT's  goal to have a 100 percent zero-emissions fleet by 2030.

The new installation was featured as a part of LBT’s 60th anniversary celebration on March 31, 2023, with state and local elected officials in attendance.

“It is wonderful to be commissioning yet another transit charging depot with New Flyer and Heliox, a proven team that has repeatedly demonstrated the success path to electrification for transit fleets,” said Gregor Hintler, CEO North America for The Mobility House. “We congratulate Long Beach Transit on their anniversary and for achieving the next phase of [its] zero-emissions journey.”

“We are excited to commission the latest phase of our electric bus fleet with advanced smart charging technology,” said LBT President and CEO Kenneth A. McDonald. “Long Beach Transit was an early adopter of battery-electric bus technology and will continue towards a total zero-emission fleet.”

“Today, we celebrate another major milestone in Long Beach Transit's zero-emission journey - installation of charging infrastructure from NFI Infrastructure Solutions to support the agency’s goal of converting its fleet to zero-emissions by 2030. For more than 30 years, NFI has partnered with Long Beach Transit to provide innovative, reliable and safe transportation,  with more than 310 New Flyer buses delivered,” said Chris Stoddart, president, North American Bus and Coach, NFI. “Leading North America’s evolution of sustainable transit, NFI proudly powers the agency’s transition to a low-carbon future through safe and reliable infrastructure services and high-performance, smart city capable battery-electric buses. Together, we’re building healthier and more livable communities across California.”

“Long Beach Transit’s electrification project represents a key milestone for transit authorities across the continent,” said David Aspinwall, president of Heliox North America and CCO of Heliox Global. “By taking advantage of Heliox’s multiport dynamic charging functionality and managing all their assets with ChargePilot, they will create one of the most efficient eBus depots in America. We are beyond proud to be a part of this solution and excited to show the rest of the world the value of truly intelligent EV charging.”