US Hybrid awarded order for 19 ADA compliant electric vehicles from AVTA to expand its electric fleet

Feb. 3, 2022
Electric, long-range, ADA-compliant transit vans to be delivered for public transportation.

Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) has placed an order with US Hybrid, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ideanomics, for 19 battery-electric, long-range, ADA-compliant transit vans. 

"US Hybrid is pleased to strengthen Ideanomics' relationship with ATVA. We will provide AVTA with long-range, battery-electric, ADA compliant vans to help them reach their clean mobility goals," said Abas Goodarzi, CEO of US Hybrid and chief scientist of Ideanomics. "We are thrilled to continue to expand our support of transit agencies and municipalities in realizing their vision of environmental sustainability and stewardship. We are making significant advancements in commercializing electrification in the sector." 

The vans will undergo durability and safety testing at the Altoona test track, as required by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to be eligible for federal funding. 

"AVTA is committed to our sustainability goals and green strategies that directly benefit the Antelope Valley community in measurable ways," said AVTA Board Chair Marvin Crist. "We are excited for another Ideanomics operating company to keep our fleet fully electric. US Hybrid's innovative battery-electric transit vans will enable AVTA to continue delivering public transportation solutions that enhance the customer experience and environmental impact." 

The battery-electric vans will be powered by US Hybrid's powertrain with an estimated range of 220 miles per charge and will be compatible with high-power, DC fast charging currently used by AVTA. The vans support two wheelchairs with options for export power and V2V DC fast charge, which supplies 80kW.