Anaheim Transportation Network awarded state grant to support electric vehicle transition

Feb. 25, 2021
The $5-million grant will support investments in charging stations, batteries and other infrastructure.

The California Energy Commission has awarded Anaheim Transportation Network (ATN) a $5-million grant, which will be used to acquire charging stations, batteries and the other solar infrastructure required to support ATN’s MicroGrid and zero-emission vehicle fleet.

“This investment will assist ATN in delivering a world-class electric bus fleet that will not only benefit passengers but will also enhance air quality for the entire region,” said ATN Executive Director Diana Kotler. 

Funds provided as part of the California Energy Commission’s Clean Transportation Program will assist in the purchase, installation and integration of ATN’s MicroGrid and solar charging infrastructure. The infrastructure includes multiple TESLA MegaPack battery energy storage systems, microgrid controller units and heavy-duty all-electric battery charging stations at both of ATN’s facilities in Anaheim.

“In addition to ATN’s own investments, we have been working to establish partnerships and other local funding opportunities in order to realize the environmental and economic benefits of a fully solar-charged bus fleet,” said Kotler.

ATN has partnered with AMPLY Power for the management of the charging operations from system design, installation, equipment purchases, operations and maintenance. This 20-year Purchase Power Agreement and Charge Management Service includes the construction of a 545kW solar canopy that provides 25 percent of the total expected energy consumption.

ATN’s public transportation network plays an important role in connection of residents, visitors and employees to numerous regional employment centers. In addition, ATN connects riders through the county’s regional transit hub, Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC), to Metrolink commuter services and the interstate Amtrak system.