SolTrans moves forward with electric buses

Jan. 6, 2020
The agency is adding two more all-electric buses after purchasing its first two in 2018.

SolTrans has added two more all-electric buses for local routes after purchasing its first two all-electric buses two years ago from BYD. 

SolTrans is also looking into updating its electric charging infrastructure, as well as looking into adding more battery-electric buses to its fleet specifically for express routes. In late December, SolTrans tested a BYD bus on express routes.  

Like other California agencies, SolTrans says it is trying to stay ahead of the regulations from the California Air Resources Board that requires public transit agencies transition to all-electric bus fleets by 2040. By taking diesel and gas buses out of commission, pollution from tailpipe emissions will be greatly reduced. This means cleaner air for urban areas that multiple transit agencies operate in. 

However, California transit agencies are not the only ones who have begun to add electric buses to their fleet; nationwide many agencies have started to transition their fleets and some have managed to completely convert their entire fleet to all-electric buses. 

Purchasing buses is only one of the costs of making the transition — transit agencies must build the infrastructure to house charging stations which is why SolTrans started looking into federal grants to help fund these changes. SolTrans is also looking to employ trained technicians to maintain its electric buses.