Citibus unveils new electric buses

Aug. 22, 2019
The two buses, made possible with federal funding. offer Citibus a way to "branch out" from its traditions.

Citibus has deployed two new electric buses following a press conference with the city of Lubbock and Proterra to unveil the buses to the public.

The press conference was an opportunity for participants to see the new technology up close.

“We are eager to unveil and deploy our new Proterra electric buses for the city of Lubbock to see and experience,” said Citibus General Manager Chris Mandrell. “These buses are going to allow Citibus to continue to branch out from the traditional ways of doing things.”

The electric buses are powered by clean, renewable energy and are 100 percent electric. Each bus emits no tailpipe pollution and provides an opportunity to reduce pollution as a whole within the city of Lubbock.

“We’re excited to partner with Citibus in bringing clean, quiet electric buses and charging systems to Lubbock,” said Proterra Founder Dale Hill. “As one of five forward-thinking communities within Texas to adopt Proterra battery electric buses, Lubbock is contributing to a significant transition across the Lone Star State to high performance, zero-emission vehicles.”

Citibus purchased these buses using funding from the FTA Low or No-Emission Bus program and plans to apply for additional funding this year to purchase six more electric buses.