Mountain Line partnering with Lumin-Air to install MERV-13 filtration on entire fleet

April 6, 2023
Fixed route buses and paratransit vehicle will be equipped with MERV-13 filtration and UVC.

Arizona transit authority Mountain Line will partner with Lumin-Air to equip its entire fleet of Gillig and New Flyer fixed route buses and paratransit vehicles with MERV-13 equivalent filtration and UVC.

“The pandemic revealed opportunities for public transit agencies to better manage air quality and flow on vehicles,” said Mountain Line CEO and General Manager Heather Dalmolin. “This system allows us to improve the air quality on our fleet for our riders and operators without adding chemicals to the air.”

Lumin-Air's system removes harmful particulates from the air that are recirculated throughout the bus. UVC, which is safely located within the HVAC system, kills contaminants and helps keep the bus's HVAC system clean and efficient.

“We’re excited to work with Mountain Line to provide cleaner air for their riders and operators. Buses are densely packed spaces. Upgrading filtration in buses to the standards we expect in buildings is critical when you consider the impact public transportation has on our communities," said Dan Fillenwarth, Lumin-Air president.