New Flyer awarded contract from NJ Transit for up to 1,300 clean diesel buses

May 14, 2024
The initial order is for 175 Xcelsior® 40-foot clean-diesel transit buses with the option to purchase an additional 1,125 vehicles.

NFI Group Inc.'s (NFI) subsidiary, New Flyer of America Inc. (New Flyer), has been awarded a contract from the New Jersey Transit Corporation (NJ Transit) for the purchase of up to 1,300 Xcelsior® 40-foot clean-diesel transit buses.

This contract is pursuant to the November 2023 NJ Transit Board authorization for NJ Transit to enter into contracts for 550 40-foot transit buses and options to purchase up to 750 additional 40-foot transit buses. New Flyer has received an initial firm order for 175 buses from NJ Transit with the option to purchase up to 1,125 additional 40-foot buses. New Flyer added this award, both firm orders and options, to its backlog in the first quarter of 2024.

“The Xcelsior buses included in this contract are not only lighter, quieter and more efficient than previous models, they also offer enhanced safety and accessibility features that make for a better overall rider experience,” said Chris Stoddart, president, North American Bus and Coach, NFI. “These new buses will play a key role in delivering the essential transportation services NJ Transit provides to their riders every day.”

The new high-performance buses included in this order will be used to replace end-of-life vehicles in NJ Transit’s fleet.

The Xcelsior buses conform to the Environmental Protection Agency and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s comprehensive Heavy-Duty National Program, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption for heavy-duty highway vehicles. New Flyer’s technology combines ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, advanced engines and effective emissions controls, resulting in a highly efficient bus with reduced emissions. For more information, visit