Santa Clara VTA places order for buses featuring Allison eGen Flex™

Sept. 16, 2022
The VTA order represents the largest and most recent in a series of bid awards nationwide for buses equipped with Allison’s revolutionary electric hybrid eGen Flex™ system.

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) has selected Allison Transmission’s eGen Flex™ electric hybrid propulsion system for its fleet of transit buses.  

VTA has signed an agreement for GILLIG buses equipped with the eGen Flex. 

“As the largest order of eGen Flex-equipped buses to date, Allison’s partnership with VTA marks a major milestone in our efforts to equip public transit agencies with next-generation propulsion solutions that reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions,” said Rohan Barua, vice president North America sales, global channel and aftermarket, Allison Transmission. “We’re proud to support VTA in its commitment to provide Santa Clara residents with American-made environmentally friendly transportation solutions that are proven and backed by a company that’s been serving the North America transit market since 1947.” 

The eGen Flex is the next generation of Allison’s H 40/50 EP™ electric hybrid propulsion system that has been supporting accessible and sustainable American mobility in the transit market since 2003. In addition to the benefits provided by the H 40/50 EP, such as improving fuel consumption by up to 25 percent versus a conventional diesel bus, the eGen Flex provides other capabilities. 

As recently demonstrated in one of the largest transit fleets in North America, the eGen Flex can operate in full engine-off mode up to 50 percent of the daily duty cycle of a transit bus, says Allison Transmission. It is capable of operating in electric-only mode for up to 10 miles or 50 minutes, multiple times per route and per day. The system’s geofencing technology allows agencies to set designated zero-emission zones, eliminating engine emissions and noise while loading and unloading passengers in dense pedestrian areas, environmentally sensitive areas and bus depots. 

“At VTA, our goal is to provide sustainable, accessible transportation options to the community,” said Jim Wilhelm, manager of engineering, Santa Clara VTA. “We look forward to integrating the new buses into our fleet to continue to reduce our carbon footprint.” 

Pacific Power Group, an Allison Authorized Distributor located in San Leandro, Calif., will provide local service support, warranty, parts and training.