OATS Transit receives $1.35 million grant from Developmental Disability Advocates

June 10, 2024
The Developmental Disability Advocates are working with OATS Transit to create better opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities in Jefferson County, Mo.

The Developmental Disability Advocates (DDA) will provide $1.35 million to OATS Transit to serve 150 riders by transporting them to work at sheltered workshops or to various community resources such as shopping and activities. DDA will also be providing bus match dollars as needed, which will help the organization purchase new buses.

OATS Transit notes the main workshop locations that riders go to include Jeffco Subcontracting Inc. and Pony Bird in the Jefferson County, Mo., area. Request-a-ride service provides daily demand-response transportation to eligible clients for medical appointments, education, employment, nutrition, shopping and leisure activities in Jefferson County.

DDA is one of about 85 senate bill 40 boards in the state, which are funded by tax levies within the county.