San Joaquin RTD celebrates civil rights icons with special bus wraps

April 24, 2024
The special bus wraps highlighting Rosa Parks and Cesar Chavez serve as a powerful tool for outreach to underserved communities.

The San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD) has unveiled its two special bus wraps honoring Rosa Parks and Cesar Chavez and highliting the public transportations'involvment with notable figures and events in civil rights history. The initiative, developed in partnership with the community and supported by local entities, seeks to commemorate the contributions of Parks and Chavez through visual representations on public buses.

The Rosa Parks bus wrap was revealed at a ceremony held on Feb. 2, 2024, which included dignitaries, activists and community groups, aiming to highlight Parks' historical act and its significance. Similarly, on March 30, the Cesar Chavez bus wrap was introduced at the annual Cesar Chavez Breakfast at the Mexican Heritage Center, attended by local leaders and community members, to acknowledge Cesar Chavez's advocacy for social justice. 

The agency is working to bridge the gap in public transportation access and acknowledging the critical role of mobility in achieving equity and justice for all.

Through the tributes, San Joaquin RTD conveys its dedication to fostering a sense of community belonging and ensuring that public transportation serves as a platform for recognizing historical contributions to social justice and equity.