SFMTA Muni Service ratings highest in 10 years

May 10, 2023
Data from SFMTA’s rider survey, as well as the broader community survey, shows rider satisfaction with Muni services is up across the board.

Data from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s (SFMTA) rider survey, as well as the broader community survey, shows rider satisfaction with Muni services is up across the board:

  • Per SFMTA’s rider survey, 66 percent of Muni riders rate services as good or excellent — a nine percent increase from 2021.
  • The city survey shows Muni’s rating at its highest level since 2013
  • Transit App’s survey shows Muni in the top 5 North American cities when it comes to ranking riders most likely to recommend their public transit system to a friend
  • Transit App also shows Muni riders give SFMTA drivers the highest overall approval rating across North America
  • The Community survey showcases riders have a much higher approval rating for the SFMTA than non-riders

Highlights from the community survey

  • 71 percent of riders approve of the SFMTA compared to 48 percent of non-riders
  • 66 percent of riders rate Muni service as excellent/good compared to 48 percent of non-riders  
  • By nine points, regular riders also consider Muni safer than non-riders

Over the last three years, SFMTA has implemented over 21 miles of new transit lanes, bringing the transit lane network to more than 70 miles.

Respondents from the surveys continue to emphasize “Improving the speed, frequency and reliability of Muni buses and trains,” with two-thirds of respondents prioritizing, “having the most frequent and reliable buses and trains, even if stops are more than two or three blocks away, rather than having closer stops.” 

Next steps

The surveys asked what the community would most like to see changed, and while answers varied, the top priorities according to the community survey were: 

  • Crime/safety (including fare evasion and passenger safety)
  • More reliable/efficient/on time service/less bunching of busses
  • Better communication and public outreach
  • Improved cleanliness of transit stops
  • Additional funding to create faster, safer and more reliable public transportation 

Safety is a key priority

  • Over 50 percent of respondents cited “Increasing safety from crime on Muni buses” as an extremely urgent priority.
  • Respondents answering the community survey in Chinese had the strongest concern about safety, as 58 percent of Chinese speakers consider Muni unsafe from crime, almost a full 20 percent higher than respondents to the survey in English.

Increasing reliability through repairing and upgrading SFMTA’s system

  • A top priority of respondents is “Repairing and maintaining Muni equipment and facilities to ensure vehicles’ safety, frequency and reliability” 
  • Improving real-time communications 
  • Riders would like more reliable real-time communications to help with trip planning. 

Respondents understand the need for additional public transportation funding 

  • A key takeaway from the community survey is respondents want a better and more reliable public transportation system and recognize the need for additional funding to accomplish SFMTA’s shared vision and goals. 
  • Respondents support investing in Muni service, as well as expanding safe bike and pedestrian pathways to ensure everyone in the city can access jobs and get where they need to go easily, regardless of their income or neighborhood.