Bus driver reaches one-million-mile club status

July 22, 2019

As part of National Express, Valley Metro and Total Transit have recognized bus operator Julie Castillo for driving one million miles accident free.

For more than 11 years, Castillo has been driving buses after being hired by Total Transit and has since demonstrated a dedication to excellence and safety.

Several years ago, Castillo and her family decided to take a vacation to Arizona. Afterwards, Castillo and her family decided to move to Arizona permanently. Once in Arizona, she was persuaded by friends to attain a CDL and the rest is history.

Castillo was originally hired by Total Transit in 2001 as a medical transport driver, where she first illustrated her dedication to excellence. After many years in that position, she began to drive the Wickenburg route in 2008, which ultimately led her to the Avondale Zoom Circulator. It was during this time that she accomplished her million-mile safe driving goal by logging 25,000 hours worked without an accident.

“A safe driving environment is an essential part of what we try to accomplish here at Total Transit,” said Steve Hamelin, vice president of operations and general manager for Total Transit. “Julie Castillo has been a bus operator with Total Transit for 11 years. In this time, not only has she performed her job admirably as it pertains to overall safety, but she has also aided countless others in creating a safe driving environment for all.”

Castillo’s safety record has earned her membership into Total Transit’s Million Mile Club, which is part of a program sponsored by the National Safety Council to reward bus and van operators for safe vehicle operations.