Final plan approved for Reimagine RTS transit system redesign

June 28, 2019
The target date for the launch of the reimagined transit system is June 29, 2020.

The Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the final plan for the Reimagine RTS transit system redesign on June 27. The target date for the launch of the reimagined transit system is June 29, 2020. 

“This is an historic and exciting day for RTS and our customers because the transit system approved today by the RGRTA Board of Commissioners will not look like the same old bus company,” said RTS CEO Bill Carpenter. “The new transit system will be more frequent, reliable, accessible and innovative than the system we have today. Our fixed routes will be faster, more consistent and require less waiting time. Our paratransit service area and new On Demand service will provide access to transit every day. And innovative online and mobile technologies will change the experience for our customers.” 

The details of the reimagined transit system are included in the Reimagine RTS Final Recommendation Report that is now available on the RTS website at

The Final Report: 

  • Explains the features of the fixed route network, including route frequencies, the hours of service, the fares, and the new names and numbers of the routes;
  • Provides the details of the seven Community Mobility Zones (CMZ), including how our new On Demand service will work, maps of each zone, On Demand fares and the hours of service for each zone;
  • Shows how we will maintain commuter routes where we have them today by using smaller vehicles for work-related trips during the morning and afternoon commute times; and it
  • Shows the details of the new paratransit service area, including levels of service, hours of service, and fares.

While RTS celebrates two years of work to reach this milestone, we have a lot of work to do before launching the system one year and two days from now. Work is already underway to develop Connection Hubs and procure smaller vehicles for use in the CMZs and on Commuter Routes. To help customers, we have included in the final report information that will make it easier for them to understand and transition to the new system.

This includes: 

  • A map and description of each route; 
  • A guide for customers to look up the routes they currently use and see what the route numbers will be in the reimagined system; and 
  • A guide that shows which routes will connect to each connection hub. 

Beginning in the fall of 2019 and continuing to our launch on June 29, 2020, we will continue our engagement with the community to share how the new system will work. 

“This has been an enormous undertaking and there are so many people to thank,” Carpenter added. “Thank you to the RTS team and all the internal committees and individuals who provided input and guidance throughout the process. Thank you to the Community Advisory Committee, for representing so many views and voices in the community. Thank you to Mayor Warren and County Executive Dinoflo for your support and input. Thank you to all the leaders from municipalities, colleges, schools, businesses and community organizations. Thank you to our project consultants for your guidance and expertise. And most importantly, thank you to our customers. Your input and desire for better transit helped shape the design of the new transit system.” 

The community will hear from RTS regularly over the course of the next year as we finalize details of the system, create more materials, and announce more specific details and features of the new system and its innovations.