Goal Systems Offers Smart Solutions for North American Market

Nov. 3, 2015

Goal Systems experts have identified specific features of the U.S. and Canadian markets. It is their considered opinion that Goal Systems’ solutions would reap significant  benefits for companies responsible for bus and rail operations.

Dale Mehta recently joined Goal Systems. Mehta brings a wealth of experience in the Public Transportation sector having helped build out business for some of the premier technology organizations offering scheduling, planning and optimization solutions, in the United States and Canada.

For the last few months, Goal Systems' Zone Team, led by Mariano Maján, has adapted the bidding Web tool to fit the needs of the region. This module is not available in other markets where Goal Systems is present. This tool is a compliment to its powerful systems for optimal scheduling of timetables, buses and driver services. Goal Systems asserts that the flexibility of its tools and its capability to adapt to the particular needs and demands of the North American market gives it a significant advantage in order of offering savings and benefits for transportation companies.

Goal System experts' presence in different events and meetings in past few months has enabled them to learn the objectives and common issues of the main operating companies. During the Planning and Scheduling Workshop held last August in Houston, Texas, Maján presented Goal Systems' solutions as an innovative alternative for scheduling of transportation systems.

Goal Systems attended the most important transportation meetings, organized by the American Public Transportation Association last October in San Francisco, California. They shared their experience and knowledge from booth 611 to show advancements in optimization of operations using their technology.