Lawrence Transit System Service Changes for August

Aug. 3, 2015

Several changes to Lawrence bus service went into effect August 1.

The new Transit Guide reflecting these changes will soon be available around town, including grocery stores, City Hall, Lawrence Public Library, several locations across the KU campus and on all buses.

In the updated route maps, viewers will notice a small number next to each bus stop symbol. The bus stop numbers have been added to make it easier for people using the texting service to find out when the next bus will arrive. A free app is also available for bus riders to easily access route and schedule information.

“We provide the printed Transit Guide as a convenience for people to have all the routes and schedules in one place,” said Robert Nugent, transit administrator. “However, with the new mobile tools available, we encourage people to go paperless when they can and access route and schedule information on their phones or computers.”

A preview of the new routes and schedules can also be found here. Below are this year’s changes:

  • Route 5 has changed how it serves East Hills Business Park
  • Route 9 now serves Rock Chalk Park instead of Route 2
  • Route 15 began operating in May to serve the new technical training facilities at 31st and Haskell, as well as East Hills Business Park
  • Route 29 has added a “B” schedule. It will use the alternate schedule on Saturdays, class breaks and the summer semester
  • Minor adjustments were made to routing and scheduling on other routes