Duo-Gard Shelters Help Brand Fitchburg

July 30, 2015

Residents along the North Fish Hatchery Road Corridor were so proud, they posted it on Facebook when the city of Fitchburg, Wisconsin located new bus shelters in their revitalized neighborhood streetscape.

The shelters were two of four the Wisconsin city worked with Duo-Gard to design and engineer. Planning took a lot of time and close collaboration, according to Joyce Frey, the city’s economic development specialist. “We chose the elements from several we liked and put our preferences all into one shelter, which Duo-Gard helped design and then engineered,” she said.

Two shelters went into the NFHRC and two into a new Orchard Pointe development. The contemporary styled shelters are 5’ x 12’ and include a one-foot overhang, vaulted roofs in opal acrylic, walls of 3/8” clear tempered glass and clear anodized framing. Map cases and information panels enable the city to publicize announcements and other important communications.

Graphics of the Fitchburg city logo are displayed prominently on the back wall in a fritted design and on the ends of the shelters. Frey said this is more than just a nice visual element. It’s an important part of the city’s new branding strategy. “We’re part of multiple school districts and zip codes, so we need a city brand," she said. “The more we can get that brand out there, the better.”

Frey said Fitchburg’s mayor places “a focus on transit, especially bus and bike, so he’s very in tune with making sure we recognize transit in all current and future planning efforts.”

As for the city’s reaction, “Oh, my gosh, we get tons of positive feedback,” Frey said.