Forward Lift CR Series Unveiled

July 2, 2015

Forward Lift’s new CR Series four-post vehicle lifts are designed to help heavy-duty service facilities get trucks and buses back on the road. They feature faster rise times and user-friendly features.

“CR Series lifts offer a new twist on the traditional four-post lift design,” says John Uhl, sales and brand manager for Forward Lift. “All four posts are identical, and each has its own battery-powered hydraulic cylinder. This offers several operational and maintenance advantages over single-cylinder models. CR Series lifts are a cost-effective way for any shop to boost heavy-duty service productivity.” 

A CR Series lift can be operated from any corner of the bay. Each post features a control system with a graphic layout. The lifts can be configured for pre-programmed lifting cycles.

CR Series lifts are anchored to the shop floor with four wedge anchors at each post.

A CR Series lift’s batteries are able to raise a vehicle 78 inches in 65 seconds. CR Series lifts are also fully functional when the power goes out.

The 50,000 lb. capacity CR50 and 60,000 lb. capacity CR60 models are each available with runway lengths of 28 or 33 feet. Optional accessories include 25,000 lb. capacity rolling bridge jacks for wheels-free work, high-efficiency work lights for improved visibility and drive-through ramps.