New CVMC Barre Health Shuttle Service Announced

Feb. 23, 2015

In 2014, University of Vermont Health Network-Central Vermont Medical Center (UVMHN-CVMC) recognized a need for residents within Barre City and Barre Town who were looking to access healthcare services at Barre Health Center through public transportation. This was challenging since public transportation options were limited as Barre Health Center is located outside Green Mountain Transit Agency’s (GMTA) fixed route services, accessible only through deviated service request or demand response. This was recognized as a key barrier for patients who were trying to use public transportation to access health care services at BHC. GMTA and CVMC believe that transportation is the key in providing residents with transportation to easily access the healthcare they need to live a heather life.

GMTA and UVMHN-CVMC have partnered to provide free shuttle service to the Barre Health Center and beginning March the Granite City Primary Care in Barre City. Open to the general public and fare free, this service provides flexible transportation to Barre City and Barre Town areas, including Graniteville, East Barre, South Barre and Websterville.

“ Transportation is one of the top issues we see every time we conduct a community assessment,” noted Judy Tartaglia, UVMHN-CVMC president and CEO. “ We are not in the transportation business and thus welcome this opportunity to partner with GMTA, an organization that has the infrastructure to help fill this transportation gap in Barre."