Carrie Butler Joins Transdev as GM of Lextran

Feb. 20, 2015

Transdev Regional Vice President Derrick Breun, announced that Carrie Butler has joined the Transdev team as General Manager of the Lextran contract.  The Lextran Board of Directors approved Butler’s appointment at the Dec. 17 Board of Directors Meeting.  Butler is a seasoned professional in public transit and served in planning, project management and senior operational management roles in various organizations.

In making the announcement Breun said, “Carrie is an experienced leader who is well respected in our industry.  Her strong expertise in service planning, technology and innovation coupled with solid long-term, strategic planning capabilities will be very useful for the Lextran system.   She brings a wealth of knowledge to ensure that we continue to provide the safest, highest quality service to our clients and passengers.”

Prior to joining Transdev, Butler spent eight years at the Transit Authority of River City in Louisville, Kentucky, where she served as director of planning and oversaw service planning, on-street infrastructure, long range planning and other capital projects for the authority, including preliminary plans for a New Starts light rail project. Butler’s experience broadly ranges from operations management, to service planning and technology, to integrated regional planning processes. In addition, Butler founded Civic+Connect in 2014, an organization offering consulting services dedicated to connecting communities with transportation innovations.

Butler received a Masters in Science in Urban and Regional Planning from Florida State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Bellarmine University. She is a member of the American Public Transit Association (APTA), and was recognized by Mass Transit magazine as one of the top “40 Under 40” transit professionals in 2009.

Transdev serves as the management contractor for Lextran (The Transit Authority of Lexington, KY). Lextran is Lexington's public transportation system and operates a fleet of 73 buses, including a University of Kentucky campus shuttle service, and contracts a door-to door paratransit service through Red Cross WHEELS.