Putnam County Reviews 2014 Accomplishments

Feb. 19, 2015

The Transportation Advisory Council, a group whose mission is “to provide transportation needs for those who utilize a public transportation system” and to “provide reliable and affordable transportation for the people of Putnam County,” has achieved much in 2014, according to Chairman Vincent M. Tamagna.

“The year zipped by and we have accomplished many great things during 2014,” said Tamagna. “We passed a Federal Transit Administration (FTA) review with flying colors, improved operations, transitioned through a new operator, MV Transportation, and added a new MV-1 ParaTransit vehicle to our fleet. We are currently reviewing a request for proposal  (RFP) in order  to award a contract for technology and software for our public transportation and ParaTransit systems.  We also have launched a successful marketing campaign.”

The Putnam Moves marketing campaign to attract advertisers whose information can be placed in, on and around the buses has been wonderfully successful with Putnam Hospital Center joining the ranks of area advertisers. County Executive MaryEllen Odell was pleased to welcome PHC President James Caldas as they posed alongside one of the bright blue refurbished buses.

“It’s wonderful that Putnam Hospital Center, Putnam’s largest employer, has recognized the advertising potential we present with our Putnam Moves transit system,” she said. “Advertising on the buses is smart and affordable and we’re thrilled that businesses are coming on board with us in this venture.”

Caldas was quick to announce his pleasure at having the opportunity to have the hospital’s services advertised so easily.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to benefit from the county’s revitalized transit program by advertising on the newly renovated buses,” said Caldas. “It is an attractive means of building public awareness of our high-quality, patient-care services.”

Tamagna expects 2015 to be equally successful for the county’s public transportation system.

“We are revving up for a great 2015 with prospects of comprehensive bus routes that make better connections, additional fleet enhancements and the introduction of much needed bus shelters,” he said.