DRT Proposes Service Enhancements for 2015

Feb. 19, 2015

Durham Region Transit (DRT) wants to make life easier than ever before with proposed service enhancements that would improve transit across the region.

At the public meeting of the Transit Executive Committee (TEC) Feb. 18, DRT revealed some of the plans to make service changes, some starting in May and others to come in September.

What would these changes mean from DRT passengers? More service and a better transit experience.

The proposed enhancements would provide more frequent service on major roadways and more direct routes to some key destinations. Some less busy routes would be merged with high-demand routes, providing faster travel times for passengers.

Some highlights of the proposed service enhancements for 2015 include:

  • Popular regional routes—Pulse, route 401 and route 915—would have increased service during peak periods.
  • In Pickering, the network of routes would be simplified and realigned to offer passengers faster travel times to key destinations, such as the GO Transit rail stations.
  • Ajax services would see increased midday and Saturday services along two busy routes: 219 Ravenscroft and 222 Audley.
  • A new service would be created to connect Brooklin to the Durham College/UOIT campus in north Oshawa.
  • In Oshawa, routes would be simplified to provide more frequent and direct service to popular destinations.
  • Passengers in Clarington would find greater route coverage and more frequent service, especially between Courtice and Oshawa, as well as through Newcastle, Port of Newcastle and Orono.

The new smart technology recently installed in DRT buses is now being used to provide information to transit planning staff in order to continually monitor DRT’s performance and adjust accordingly — all with the aim to make life easy for DRT passengers.

Also proposed at the TEC meeting is a fare increase starting on May 1. While it would cost a quarter more for an adult to board a DRT bus using cash (up to $3.50 cash), the fare increase would make Presto an even more attractive option. Using Presto, an adult passenger would be able to save $0.50 each time they board.