VHB Acquires GMB Engineers and Planners Inc.

Feb. 17, 2015

VHB announced its acquisition of GMB Engineers & Planners Inc. (GMB), a well-respected transportation firm with offices in Orlando and Chipley, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. GMB’s business unit in Atlanta operates as Metro Planning & Engineering (MPE). As part of the acquisition, GMB will join VHB’s Southeast operation and do business as VHB. GMB’s Atlanta business unit will operate as Metro Planning & Engineering (MPE), a division of VHB.  

The two firms join forces after a 10 year relationship collaborating on projects. “With GMB, it is a perfect match for our clients and our employees from a business, geographic and cultural perspective,” said Michael J. Carragher, PE, president and southeast regional manager. “After working on more than 30 successful projects together, we began looking for ways to deepen our existing relationship so that we can make an even greater impact making mobility easier, safer, and accessible. And, because of this earned trust and mutual respect, we agreed the time is now to bring together our talent and provide even greater value to the clients and communities we serve.”

Together with GMB, VHB’s Southeast Region will include 120+ professionals, and the full service team of engineers, planners, scientists and designers will be strategically poised to compete for the most important public and private projects across the Southeast. The merger also enables VHB to build upon the established presence in —Atlanta, where the firm will focus on the opportunity to improve the mobility and enhance the communities of this major metropolitan area.

Founded in 1999, GMB specializes in providing traffic engineering, transportation planning and traffic operations services. In 2012, GMB established Metro Planning and Engineering (MPE), a division of GMB, to serve the Atlanta market. The firm works extensively with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), MARTA, Atlanta Regional Commission, numerous municipalities, metropolitan planning organizations, and institutions in Florida and Georgia.

“It’s a home run,” said Dave Mulholland, PE, co-founder and senior vice president of GMB, joining VHB as principal and transportation managing director – Southeast. “Today our public and private clients want to work with firms that provide the complete spectrum of professional engineering, planning, design, and environmental services. That’s why joining with VHB works on many different levels. It allows us to become the single resource for our clients facing complex transportation, land use, and environmental challenges. Equally important, it allows us to learn from one another to create an even stronger company that makes an even greater impact improving mobility, enhancing communities and contributing to economic vitality.”

VHB established its Orlando operation in 1984 and together with GMB employs 120 engineers, scientists, planners and designers in Florida.

This acquisition is VHB’s ninth in the last ten years. VHB’s strategy for growth is deliberate, thoughtful and planned. It includes moving key staff within the firm, recruiting new talent and acquiring established, quality firms like GMB.

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