Greater Dayton RTA  A Leader in Healthy Ohio Workplaces

Feb. 3, 2015

RTA’s step-by-step wellness program — headed up by full-time wellness coordinator Julie Bonsall — has been recognized for its healthy worksite practices and commitment to employee health among Ohio employers.

The RTA’s program, HEARTA (Healthy Employees RTA) has won the Silver Level Award from the Ohio Department of Health (ODOH) and the Healthy Ohio Business Council (HOBC).   Business award recipients are scored on their efforts to facilitate and encourage employee health, enhance productivity, and ensure a healthy work environment.

RTA is deeply committed to the HEARTA program.  “In the two years since RTA has made the commitment to a healthier workforce, over half of our 640 employees are actively engaged in at least one component of the wellness programs,” said Bonsall.

Some of the efforts include a fitness center, exercise classes, bio-metric screenings, weight management programs, heart healthy walking and more.  The agency’s executive team leads by example, with 100 percent participation in HEARTA.

“We’re all in,” said executive director Mark Donaghy.  “We have invested in the health of our employees, and are enjoying a good return on that investment,” he added.  “Lives have been saved, our workforce is in better health, and the program has achieved positive results overall.”

These positive results include healthier employees, fewer sick days, a reduction in medical claims, and a switch to self-funded health care.