High Country Tek Inc. Expands their Fan Controller Family

April 15, 2015

High Country Tek Inc. (HCT) announced a full range of variable speed fan controllers for the On- and Off-road markets with the recent introductions of the EMC and EMC-6.

It is no secret within the industry that parasitic losses increase fuel consumption while reducing overall engine efficiency leading to diminished performance.  A key mechanism for combating this issue is isolating the cooling system and utilizing the capabilities of a variable speed controller.  The result is reduced emissions, lowered maintenance costs, enhanced safety, weight reduction, reduced noise levels, and fuel savings ranging 15 percent for hybrid systems which all affect the bottom line.  

The CE and CSA certified EMC is a solution for the mobile market that does more with less for the right price. The EMC version can control a single EFAN bank if connected in parallel) with fan diagnostic inputs, customizable J1939 CAN messages, bi-directional fan control, additional thermistor inputs, mini USB to PC communication, and free customizable GUI software. When looking for a simple and affordable solution for your cooling needs consider the EMC.

The answer to the growing challenges of fuel savings and stringent emission requirements is the EMC-6 hybrid controller.  This module stands apart with both CE and E-mark certifications for the global On- and Off-road markets. HCT already partners with multiple world renown heat exchanger solution providers that utilize the EMC-6 to provide OEM’s a cooling package with an immediate ROI.  This controller is packed with diverse capabilities allowing independent control of five EFAN banks and one hydraulic fan or sixth E-FAN bank with up to 16 fan diagnostic inputs. This controller also contains additional thermistor or potentiometric inputs, programmable SAE J1939 CAN messages, bi-directional fan control, three 0-5VDC outputs for controlling engine accessories, mini-USB to PC communication,  and an entirely customizable program allowing the customer to dial in the controller settings for maximum cost savings through the free graphical user interface.