CycleSafe Introduces Quad Hi-Density Rack System

Feb. 2, 2015

CycleSafe introduced a new addition to its line of secure bicycle parking products: The Quad Hi-Density Bike Rack. 

Minimal moving parts increase access aisles with less maintenance or liability concerns associated with moveable tray racks. This hi-density bike rack requires less lifting when the wheel is placed in the top channel rather than lifting a rack and full bike.

This system provides space efficiency, and allows double tier parking to hold four bicycles per module. The Quad Hi-Density Bike Rack is ideal for bike rooms, parking garages or underutilized spaces at train stations, shopping centers, college campuses and corporate facilities.

These modular units can be configured against a wall, back to back or on a 45 percent angle for space efficiency to allow for wider access aisles. The Quad Hi-Density Bike Rack can be combined with our CyclePort Bike Shelter systems to provide covered bike parking when placed outdoors. Bicycles can be locked with a pivot locking bar for added security.