RTS Hosts ‘How to Ride the Bus’ Training for Social Service Agencies

Jan. 19, 2015
Agencies and advocates can help special needs clients learn how to ride the bus.

Using public transportation can be a challenge for individuals with a disability or special need. That challenge can discourage some completely, further increasing their isolation and resulting in reduced independence.

To make it easier for special needs individuals to access public transit, RTS will hold a “Train the Trainer” session for social service agency workers so that they can provide support and information to their clients.

A “Train the Trainer” session is set for Feb. 16, at RTS Administrative offices.

An RTS Customer Service Representative will walk participants through all steps of riding an RTS bus. A test ride is also included.

Director of Customer Service Krystle Hall said, “Providing this training is a way for agencies to help the people they serve—the ability to become independent and be able to board a bus for work, school, shopping, medical appointments or recreation. That ability can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Topics that will be covered:

  • How to navigate the RTS Transit Center
  • How to locate Transit Center amenities for special needs customers, i.e. tactile maps, Braille signage, text-to-speech messaging, and more.
  • How to locate a bus stop and how to read a sign
  • How to use a farebox
  • Paying fares — cash or card?
  • How to read destination signs on a bus
  • How to exit the bus
  • Bus passes — all day, 5-day, monthly and reduced fares
  • How to read a bus schedule
  • How to plan a trip online or using a Trip Planner at the Transit Center 
  • How to use “Where’s My Bus?”
  • How to contact Customer Service

The “Train the Trainer” workshop is free but advance registration is required. RTS also provides free Transit Orientations for the public throughout the year.