KS: Catch a Free Ride with Wichita Transit

July 10, 2014
Catch a free ride with Wichita Transit during Free Fares Week, July 14-19.

Catch a free ride with Wichita Transit during Free Fares Week, July 14-19.

Making your trips on public transportation options like buses improves air quality because it reduces the number of cars on the road that emit the ingredients that form ozone. Free Fares Week gives everyone the chance to try a bus ride to work, on errands or for recreation at no cost. Discover if public transit could be part of your regular transportation routine.

Free Fares Week participants can enter the Bus Selfie Contest for a chance to win one of eight $50 VISA gift cards. To enter, ride the bus during Free Fares Week, take a selfie on the bus, “like” the Wichita Transit Facebook page and post your selfie with the #wichitatransitselfie. One entry per person. Entries must be posted by midnight July 19. Winners announced July 22.

Ozone Alert Days will also be Free Fares Days. Since vehicles contribute 47 percent of the area’s ozone-forming nitrogen oxide emissions, increased bus riders means fewer cars on the road on days when ozone levels are expected to be high. Ozone Alert Day notices will be available on the city of Wichita and Wichita Transit websites and social media sites and through local news outlets. 

If you are unsure where your nearest transit route is or how to pay a bus fare, a Travel Training will give you all the information you need to make a first time bus ride stress free. Schedule a Travel Training or find the how to video on Wichita Transit’s website.

During a Travel Training you will receive one-on-one guidance on reading transit schedules, finding your best route, paying your fare, etc. Travel Training participants will receive a free bus pass to tryout your new riding skills, and will be registered to win a $50 Visa gift card.

Free Fares is funded by the Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (WAMPO) as a project to reduce congestion and improve air quality in the Wichita metro region.