OK: Pelivan Transit Hosts Safety Training Day

June 6, 2014
Pelivan Transit hosted their annual safety training day May 29, at their new flexible fuel vehicle maintenance facility.

Pelivan Transit hosted their annual safety training day May 29, at their new flexible fuel vehicle maintenance facility.  

All of the employees of the Pelivan Transit System began The Amazing Race Safety Training Day 2014 upon their arrival to the Grand Gateway complex in Big Cabin, Okla. 

An interactive learning experience was created by a team of trainers:  customer service was presented by Debbie Ruggles, assistant general manager of Tulsa Transit and Lisa Boren, Pelivan data coordinator; risk management by Chris Smith with CobbsAllen and Marion Stinson, general counsel and deputy director of GGEDA; emergency preparedness by Steve Lalli, executive director and Brian Barger, Pelivan assistant transit director; drug and alcohol testing program by Kristen Joyner, executive director and Kary Hughes, executive assistant of the Southwest Transit Association; vehicle inspections/maintenance by Patrick Cheek, regional sales manager of RouteMatch, Kevin Rupe, service manager, National Bus Sales, Greg Witte, Pelivan maintenance manager and Diana Reaser maintenance coordinator; and wheelchair securement by Tom Duncan, transit manager, OSU & Stillwater Transit, Randy Heisler, director of operations/route supervisor of Cimarron Transit and Cecil Barnes, Pelivan route supervisor. 

These trainers donated their time and traveled from Alabama, Georgia, Texas and Oklahoma to present important safety transit topics to the Pelivan employees with fun and innovative learning approaches.

Lunch was prepared by head cook Karen DeMoure, Pelivan bookkeeper and chef Ed Crone, executive director of Grand Gateway along with an outstanding cook team for the Grand Gateway employees, VIPs in attendance included Debbie Dooley, representative of Markwayne Mullins’ office, Dee Robinson, CEO of First National Bank of Vinita, Charla Sloan and staff of KiBois Area Transit System, Russell Earls, GGEDA board chair, some of the Craig County employees, and many more guests.

Six teams competed throughout the day during their training sessions known as “Pit Stops” as they followed route info, detours, roadblocks, speed bumps, and intersection instructions following the popular reality TV show guidelines.   Debbie McGlasson, Pelivan Transit director was the race official and Melvin Mashburn, rural fire and safety director for Grand Gateway was the official timekeeper. 

Many Grand Gateway employees from other programs volunteered their time to serve during the day’s activities.  Safety training is a requirement under the Federal Transit Administration and provided through annual events as well as periodic training classes under the direction of Cecil Barnes, Pelivan route supervisor and safety officer.  Improved safety practices and quality customer service are the goals set for Pelivan and this endeavor was appreciated by the employees who participated in the required training event.