PA: McMahon Associates Inc. Hires Simon Lewis as Product Specialist

April 15, 2014
McMahon Associates Inc. announced the addition of Simon Lewis, Ph.D. as product specialist for Traisr.

McMahon Associates Inc. announced the addition of Simon Lewis, Ph.D. as product specialist for Traisr

Lewis is recognized as a national authority on transportation information systems and asset management systems with an emphasis on state government DOT needs and solutions within the U.S.  He combines unique knowledge of a wide range of software applications and data solutions for complex requirements in all aspects of transportation infrastructure, performance and safety management.  He has an expert grasp of geo-spatial information with both modern and legacy databases in transportation agencies.

Over the last seven years, Lewis has worked in developing and applying asset management solutions at both state and local levels.  He also founded and managed Itis Inc., which has carried out integrated transportation information systems projects in several states and in Canada.  In 2003, he founded and became chair of MAGTUG, which is the Mid-Atlantic GeoSpatial Transportation Users Group, whose purpose is to share transportation application development experience and use within and across Mid-Atlantic transportation agencies.