Lextran awards Wheels Paratransit contract to RATP Dev USA

Sept. 14, 2022
The contract will see RATP Dev USA manage and operate the Wheels Paratransit service, effective Oct. 1, 2022.

Lextran in Lexington, Ky., awarded a contract to RATP Dev USA for the management and operation of its Wheels Paratransit service. The contract will transition to RATP Dev on October 1, 2022, as current Wheels operator Red Cross is pivoting from transit service delivery.

“RATP Dev USA is proud to serve the city of Lexington,” said Brendan Matthews, regional vice president of RATP Dev USA. “It’s our on-going company mission to help achieve a more connected community with the caliber, experience and resources of RATP Dev USA and we’re pleased to be offering our services now in Lexington, Ky., starting next month.”

Under the terms of the contract, RATP Dev USA will manage and operate Lextran’s toll-taking, scheduling, dispatch, maintenance and safety for its fleet of 48 paratransit vehicles, as well as the local employee base of more than 60 operators. The operation will be overseen by General Manager Marlon Bates, who has extensive experience as a leader in paratransit service delivery. Supporting Marlon will be Assistant General Manager Kurt Scheible, who draws on significant experience in transit and more than 20 years in the military.

“RATP Dev USA looks forward to collaborating with the city of Lexington to ensure we best serve the community,” said Cyril Aubin, CEO of RATP Dev USA. “It’s our mission to help communities become more mobile and connected.”