CTtransit awards The Mobility House electric bus charging contract

April 19, 2024
The Mobility House will be providing bus charging services to three of CTtransit's sites.

Connecticu Transit (CTtransit) is partnering with The Mobility House to manage the charging of its electric buses at three sites statewide. ChargePilot® will avoid peak time-of-use rates by automatically choosing the lowest cost time to charge while ensuring availability for scheduled departures - minimizing the overall costs of charging its fleets.

“We are thrilled to be working with CTtransit to manage the charging of their electric buses,” said Greg Hintler, CEO, North America of The Mobility House. “We look forward to helping them achieve their goal of converting the statewide public transportation bus fleet from diesel to zero-emission models by 2035.”

ChargePilot® will manage 23 ABB 150kW HVC chargers CTtransit already installed, with as many New Flyer Xcelsior 40-foot buses across three bus depots: Stamford, Hartford and Hamden, Conn. ChargePilot® will dynamically adjust charging for existing site loads at Hamden and Hartford, further maximizing cost savings.

ChargePilot® will also be integrated with CTtransit's fleet operations software. This integration will allow ChargePilot® to optimize charging around fleet schedules and ensure buses are ready for their scheduled pullout.

“With the addition of electric bus smart charging at these three sites, we are taking a meaningful step towards our fleet electrification goal,” said CTtransit general manager Thomas Stringer. “We have been impressed with the energy management capabilities of ChargePilot, which we expect will save us thousands in reduced energy costs.”

The CTtransit project represents The Mobility House’s 100 site sold in North America, for a total of more than 32,000 kW total charging capacity here. This adds to the company’s industry-leading charging depot portfolio, including notable transit agencies such as New York City Transit, St. Louis Metro and Long Beach Transit. Worldwide, ChargePilot® manages more than 1,700 charging depot sites.