Solano County’s first zero-emission highway bus and wireless charger joins SolTrans

Sept. 26, 2022
The wireless charger will provide frequent incremental charges to SolTrans’ new BYD battery-electric, zero-emission bus.

The Solano County Transit (SolTrans) Board with Solano Transportation Authority (STA) and Momentum Dynamics are celebrating Solano County’s first battery-electric, zero-emission highway bus and wireless inductive charger at the SolTrans Curtola Park & Ride Hub in Vallejo, Calif. 

The inductive charging system was installed at the SolTrans Curtola Park & Ride Hub last winter by Momentum Dynamics. The wireless charger will provide frequent incremental charges to SolTrans’ new Build Your Dreams (BYD) battery-electric, zero-emission bus. The all-electric BYD bus will be piloted on the SolanoExpress Yellow Line beginning this winter. 

The inductive technology allows the bus to charge without installing an obtrusive, above-ground charging infrastructure or taking buses out of service for charging. The bus will simply pull over the in-ground inductive charging pads and will automatically begin to charge. With this wireless system, the charging is fully automatic, requires little interaction by the driver and extends the battery range of the bus.  

Charging takes place while the passengers are loading and unloading; each charging session automatically ends when the bus pulls away from the pad. The automatic charging during loading simplifies electric bus operations, lowering operating costs. The bus also has the option to be plugged in to charge away from public view at the SolTrans operations and maintenance facility. 

“We are so proud to bring this technology and zero-emission bus to Solano County. The new BYD bus joins four other all-electric buses we already have in operation on our local service,” said SolTrans Executive Director Beth Kranda. “We are committed to bringing ambitious clean air strategies to our county’s public transportation system, this is SolTrans next step in becoming fully zero-emission and improving the air quality in Solano County and beyond.” 

The BYD bus was funded through the Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program with the help from the STA. The wireless inductive charger was funded with Transportation Development Act (TDA) funds and assistance from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA) grant funds. 

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